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Evoke Group Acquires AboveNation Media, LLC

Ad Tech & Media Firm AboveNation Expands Integrated Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Offering

NEW YORKFeb. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Huntsworth plc (HNT: LSE) today announces the acquisition of New York-based AboveNation Media adding to its collection of leading health, wellness and lifestyle marketing companies under Evoke Group (  AboveNation Media, a full-service media strategy, planning and buying agency, will provide integrated advertising technology solutions across all Evoke Group advertising, public relations and influencer marketing services.

“The convergence of media and technology has changed the way brands and companies connect with their customers,” said Reid Connolly, CEO of Evoke Group.  “AboveNation Media is a perfect strategic fit within our group and strengthens our commitment to a culture of innovation and accountability. By integrating the emotional insights that fuel great creative with advanced media strategy and technology, we not only create a more nimble and agile offering but we’re able to create smarter, harder working creative. Collectively we offer our clients the ability to engage and build more valuable relationships and to do so in the most advanced, efficient and, most importantly, transparent way possible.”

Led by CEO Steve Minichini and President John Lee, AboveNation Media is a full-service media strategy and buying agency built for today’s technology-infused marketplace. The agency brings clarity to a fragmented and ever-changing media landscape. With a focus on ad tech and proprietary media solutions, AboveNation Media provides clients with trusted strategic counsel and true transparency in their media investments.

“Reid and his team have built one of the most formidable agency groups in the marketing and communications sector,” said Steve Minichini. “They have established an incredible integrated communications platform in consumer health, wellness and lifestyle, HCP and payer marketing, digital and relationship marketing, and we look forward to leveraging that expertise to benefit our clients as well as adding our expertise across the group.”

About Evoke Group and Huntsworth:
Evoke Group ( is a collection of leading health marketing, communications and media companies bound by a common purpose: Health More Human™. With offices in New YorkPhiladelphiaChicagoLos Angeles, and London the group includes Evoke Health, FIRSTHAND, Fabric, Traverse HealthStrategy, nitrogen health, Tonic Life Communications and AboveNation Media. Evoke Group is a member of the Huntsworth Health ( global group of best-in-class companies serving the health and wellbeing industry through marketing communications, medical education and experiential events.

Huntsworth plc (HNT: LSE) ( is an international healthcare and communications group. The Group’s principal area of focus is Health, which provides marketing and medical communications services to healthcare clients, which are primarily large and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It also has a smaller Communications group, which provides a wide range of communications and advisory services including strategic communications, public affairs, investor relations and consumer marketing.

Theresa Dolge
Chief Media Relations Officer
Tonic Life Communications
Office: 215-928-2748


Services Designed For Success

AboveNation Media has developed a unique set of services designed to
help create meaningful marketing initiatives, connecting customer need
to brand benefit. See below for a comprehensive list of services:

Business Insight
& Growth
Native Media
Local Media
Social Media
Full Service
Mobile Media


The convergence of media and technology has changed the way in which brands and services connect with
consumers forever. Every day, there are better targeting options available and it seems new innovations change
what’s possible in how creative messaging can reach the desired target through multiple platforms including
desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, television, radio, print or out of home.

For too long, most of the ad agencies have held all the power in terms of data provider used, opaque pricing
and arbitrage deals for media buying. These agencies are forced to evolve an old operating model to fit today’s ever
changing marketplace. With the prevalence of new ad-tech came so many dirty secrets of our industry. It seems
every agency claims transparency today, but often the word transparency has many different definitions to the agency
owner and how the client interprets that meaning.

AboveNation Media has a well established point of differentiation. We emphasize business and media strategy,
smart tactic selection and precise implementation to ensure client objectives are surpassed. Along with this comes
something very important — our ability to teach our clients about ad-tech to show them what’s possible in today’s media
marketplace. We clearly translate net media buying budgets and data charges explaining how money changes
hands. AboveNation Media is accountable for every impression that’s purchased on behalf of our clients. We educate
and inform, giving our clients knowledge and knowhow, thereafter putting the power of media back in our client’s
hands, forever removing the uncertainty and downright thievery that is ubiquitous throughout all of media today.

Our operating values remain true to our first day in business:

  1. Capitalize on the power of media convergence – teach clients everything that’s possible
    in today’s media marketplace
  2. Create meaningful marketing initiatives every time – teach clients how brands and consumers
    can connect in a healthy meaningful way
  3. Utilize innovation to surpass our client’s objectives – with technology, anything is possible
  4. Deliver measurable success throughout each initiative – this is a must every time, for every buy
  5. Provide an unmatched level of service to our client partners – honesty, a strong desire to succeed,
    becoming part of our client’s team

Get to know us and understand how our approach will help you succeed like never before.
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Intelligent Creative, Optimized Narrative

In today’s ad-tech infused marketplace, digital creative
technology hasn’t paced with media technology that allow
for exact targeting – one customer at a time if needed.

AboveNation Media is leading the field in digital creative
sequencing allowing clients to serve a series of messages
to each cookie profile, offering an opportunity to present
a deeper brand story and multiple call to action offers.

As a result of our work, ad interaction along
with engagement after the click or view have
increased by 27% from industry standard.

Talk to AboveNation Media to see how we can make
ad sequencing a powerful reality for you today.

Data Sciences & Measurement

Many clients today measure performance by tactic, one at a time, platform by platform. Many
agencies talk to the notion of complete data integration that will unite online and offline performance
data in one place, but quickly fall short of that promise after implementation for various reasons.

AboveNation Media utilizes a robust client dashboard that includes predictive modeling to analyze
current performance and anticipate future brand success.

Visit our dashboard portal page for access or request log in credentials to take a look around.

Meet Alice

We are serious about data, metrics and performance. We are also serious
about our proprietary agency technology. ALICE will be here before you know it.
Our latest innovation is well under way. Watch this space.

  knows all
  tells the truth
  is always there for you with
the data and insights you need

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